The Wolf Pack Mission

Developing entrepreneurial skills including innovation, leadership, and social responsibility, through student engagement and experiential learning.

Why Choose Scarlett Heights?

At Scarlett our focus is Business! The business sector, the central pillar of Canada’s economy, is bursting with opportunities. Scarlett is your passport to these opportunities. Whatever you do in your professional life, the chances are that it will involve some ‘business’. Our enhanced Business program will give you an exceptionally strong foundation in entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation.

Business SHSM! Scarlett is one of the few TDSB schools that offers a Business SHSM program. Business Specialist High Skills Major is a highly recognized Ontario Ministry approved program that allow you to gain business sector-recognized certification and business career-relevant training. Graduating students earn the RED SEAL prized and recognized by employers and Universities. Click here to learn more about our SHSM program. 

At Scarlett the world is your classroom! School trips enhance learning. Our teachers turn school trips into business classrooms. Students learn about International and domestic business through our enterprising school trips. In the last few years we have visited China, India and South America; As well as trips to many other Canadian provinces.

Extra-curricular. We develop leadership and critical thinking skills through our extended extra-curricular opportunities. Some of these include SAGE, Co-op Program, Leadership Camps, DECA, Waterloo Math and Computer Programming Contest, Environmental Club, etc. Click here to learn more about our extra-curricular activities.