Canadian & World Studies, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Canadian & World Studies, Social Sciences & Humanities Department Manage There are many exciting things happening in the Canadian & World Studies, Family Studies & Social Science Department at Scarlett Heights. The Food & Nutrition Courses have a field trip planned for later this month to O.Noir. O.Noir is a restaurant where you eat in the dark to enhance your eating experience using your other senses besides seeing.

In the Challenge and Change in Society class, former Scarlett student, Abdiqani Mohamed, is volunteering to support student learning. He has been a great addition to the classroom. The Challenge and Change in Society class has also had the honour of welcoming two guest speakers, Dalton Higgins, who spoke about Hip Hop Culture, and PhD Student, Nick Hobson, who discussed his research on the effects of Conformity. The applied level Canadian History students had a rare opportunity to view the film, “Heart of Auschwitz,” a touching documentary sharing the experiences of survivors of The Holocaust. The World History: West & the World students were exposed to Renaissance Art, and had the chance to create their own art influenced by some of the most famous paintings of the time period.

Finally, in the Civics classroom our first group of grade 10s have completed the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. Finalists from each Civics class will present their charity & its needs in hope of winning a $5000 grant for their charity in the spring. Ms. Huntley’s classes welcomed, Aisha Jarrah, Teacher Candidate from OISE.  We look forward to many other opportunities in the months to come.