Arts Focused Courses

The curriculum expectations of our courses in dance, drama, music, and visual arts are designed to allow schools to develop particular aspects or areas of the specific arts subject. The following is a list of some of the possible areas for artistic focus at our school:
• drama: production, Canadian theatre, music theatre, acting/improvisation
• music: vocal jazz, instrumental music, band and other musical format
• visual arts: printmaking, sculpture, painting, ceramics, film/video

The Arts

Experience the arts at Scarlett Heights! Drama, media arts, music, and the visual arts – play a valuable role in the education of all students. Through participation in the arts, Scarlett students develop their creativity, learn about their own identity, and develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and a sense of well-being. Since artistic activities involve intense engagement, our students experience a sense of wonder and joy when learning through the arts, which can motivate them to participate more fully in cultural life and in other educational opportunities.

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