Athletic Eligibility

For Fall sports - (girls basketball, cross country, boys volleyball, golf) results on the previous June report card are used to determine eligibility.

For Winter sports - (boys basketball, girls volleyball) results on the previous June report card are used to determine eligibility. Consideration may be given to Semester I mid-term marks.

For Spring sports - (badminton, baseball, softball, track and field, soccer, rugby). Results from the semester I final report card are used to determine eligibility.

Appeal - students who do not meet the above criteria may submit an appeal form to the academic eligibility committee for review.

Probation - a student with the approval of the eligibility committee may be placed on probation. These students will be monitored by the coach & subject teachers in order to maintain their probationary status. A student may not be on probation for consecutive sports or for the same sport the following year.

Transfer students - any student who has come from a different school must fill out a transfer form prior to the playing season. Forms are available from the physical and health education department. This does not apply to students entering grade 9.


1. All students must change into running shoes, t-shirt, shorts or track pants to participate. No street clothes are allowed.

2. No food or drink is allowed in the gym.


Scarlett Athletic Awards

The athletic department at SHEA will honour its recipients of athletic awards in June. The following is a list of awards students may achieve.

  • Pin  -    50 points
  • Shield -  100 points
  • Honour athletic plaque - 200 points

1. Most Promising Athlete - Male/Female - awarded to a grade 9 student who participates in all components of the physical and health education department.
2. Junior Athlete Of The Year - Male/Female
3. Senior Athlete Of The Year – male/female based on the following:
           a. participation in at least 2 sports
           b. Outstanding ability
           c. Coachability
           d. Has the respect and admiration of his/her peers and team mates
           e. Is an asset to the team, school and coach
           f. Fulfilled academic eligibility requirements

For the Sr. Athlete of the Year Award consideration is given over the 4 years the student has been enrolled at SHEA.

4. Aggie Mielach Award - presented to a senior student who has contributed to the success of others while giving time and effort to SHEA physical and health education program over a period of years.
5. The 110 Club Award - presented to an individual(s) for their outstanding achievement for volunteering their time so that others may participate.
6. Jack McKee Academic Athletic Award - awarded to a senior student with honour standing. Participation on at least 2 school teams and shows great leadership skills.
7. Individual Sport Awards - Each sport will award a “most outstanding contribution to the team”.