The Sciences

The goal of science education at Scarlett Heights is more than just providing students with a knowledge of facts. We know that mastery of the subject can no longer be evaluated solely in terms of students’ ability to recall specialized terminology, memorize isolated facts, or repeat a theory. Rather, students must be given opportunities to learn through investigation. In doing so, they can practise and become proficient in various scientific investigation skills. These skills not only develop critical thinking and allow students to extend their understanding of science; they are also useful in students’ everyday lives and will help them in pursuing their postsecondary goals, whether in science or some other area of endeavour.

We offer courses in the areas of chemistry, biology and physics
We have science labs dedicated to general science, biology and chemistry courses Hands-on laboratory activities supplement curriculum expectations Computer technology is used to enhance learning In the spring, field trips are planned to the Ontario Science Centre for DNA Fingerprinting for our grade 12 biology and senior science courses.