A high school diploma requires completion of 30 full credits of 110 instructional hours starting in Grade 9. Eighteen of these 30 credits are compulsory. The remaining 12 credits may be selected by the student based on personal preference.

Following is a list of graduation requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma:

Course Load Requirement:
All students must have a full timetable of eight courses. A student with 23 or more credits may take 7 credits in his/her final year. At no time may a student take fewer than 3 courses in a semester.

Planning your courses:
Students at Scarlett Heights can take a number of courses depending on what interests them and what credits they need to graduate. Map out your high school career to the pathway you're aiming for via; My Blueprint

Dropping a Course:
Students are responsible for seeing their Guidance Counsellor if they wish to drop a course. Students must attend the course until the appropriate approvals have been granted and textbooks returned to the teacher. Non-attendance in a course is not considered “dropping a course”.

If a student in grade 11 or 12 courses withdraws from a course within five instructional days following the issue of the mid-term report card, the withdrawal is not recorded on the Ontario Student Transcript. After this date, the course and the marks earned will appear on the student’s transcript.